Up until now, I bought sunglasses simply because I liked them or really needed them. Thanks to http://www.sunglasshut.com/us I now know my face shape, something I will always consider when buying sunglasses in the future.

I hope http://www.jumia.co.ke/ adopts this system, whereby people get to test their face shapes and get recommendations on which frames suit their face shape. one can do this by choosing a Facebook photo, uploading one from their computers or posting one via the webcam.

This is key for people like me who hate disappointments especially when buying stuff online as you rarely get a chance to fit anything on. Therefore, recommendations from experts are highly needed, in this case the experts being the online stores.

I am aware that ‘Sunglass Hut’ specializes in Sunglasses but it wouldn’t hurt if websites such as Jumia and many others would do the same not just for Sunglasses but also for other products like clothes. Especially clothes. It will be helpful for them to advise buyers on the clothes/styles that are fit for their body types.

That said, mine is heart shape.

This basically means I have a broader brow and a narrow chin. Thus when choosing sunglasses, I have to get the right pair of frames, which will elongate my face and even out proportions.

My face will look something like this;

I don’t fancy the above pair of glasses though! But thank heavens i have a wide range of frames to choose from. Gladly some of them are my all time favorites meaning I haven’t been getting everything all wrong.

Ray Ban


  1. wooohooo!!!!!! I’m the first to like, comment, read and follow your blog. Can’t wait to see more from you. Lovely piece 🙂 *welcome to my world…insert Beyonce’s voice!! *


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